A cyanotype is a photography without a camera. The photographic process involves only two chemical compounds: ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. The cyanotype is made with paper, card, textiles or any other naturally absorbent material is coated with the solution and dried in the dark, Objects or negatives are placed on the material to make a print. The cyanotype is printed using UV light, such as the sun, a light box or a UV lamp. After exposure the material is processed by simply rinsing it in water. A white print emerges on a blue background. 


First Cyanotype. The shadow created by the sun on the plants make it more interesting, because it’s blurred and I like this rendenring. It wasn’t easy to realise it, because there were a lot of wind this day, thus it was moving during the printing, it might be an other reason for the blur. 



The second one is better. It still has shadow but it’s a little bit so it works well with the printing object. I have tried to make some pattern with the both wood down but it doesn’t work. It is because the wood wasn’t flat enough.



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